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Our Grading Algorithm is like nothing else on the market.

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50% Upper.

Approximately 50% of the overall grade is based on the appearance and condition of the shoe’s 'Upper' portion, which encompasses everything on the exterior of the shoe that would cover your foot if worn.

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26% Midsole.

Approximately 26% of the overall grade is directly attributable to the 'Midsole,' which encompasses everything below the 'Upper' that is still visible when the shoe is worn.

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12% Bottom sole.

Approximately 12% of the overall grade is based on the shoe’s 'Bottom Sole,’ or what you'd see if you turned the shoe over.

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11% Interior.

Approximately 11% of the overall grade is based on the shoe’s 'Interior,’ comprising the insole, inner tag and inner lining.

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5-25% Extras.

'Extras' include items like straps, air bubbles, zippers, attachments, etc. These are also taken into consideration and can account for 5-25% of the overall grade.

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Box (Optional).

Although we do believe that there are plenty of cool boxes out there that can enhance your collection - not everyone agrees. Box grading is optional and, if used, generally represent 10% of an overall grade.

We use a unique hybrid of software and physical products

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Our black box. Our sneaker grading platform (that we like to call 'Shoematics') is unlike anything else on the market.EVERYTHING is taken into account.

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Grading & Packaging Materials.

Protective, tamper proof and tamper evident. We take presentation very seriously. We designed our packaging with the idea that people would keep it.

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3. We'll continually monitor your data to ensure nothing is overlooked.

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