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Master Checklist.

Base Cards

There should be approximately 9 base cards per pack. There are 69 base cards plus 1 checklist.

# Model Nickname Colorway
3TailwindStranger Things''
4Air Max 1/87OG University Red''
5Air Max 1/87Cherrywood''
6Air Max 1/87Dirty Denim''
7Air Max Light (II)OG''
8Air Max Light (II)Size?''
9Air Max Light (II)Bright Cactus''
10Air Max 90 (III)OG Infrared''
11Air Max 90 (III)DQM''
12Air Max 90 (III)King of the Mountain''
13Air Max BWPersian Violet''
14Air Max BWParis''
15Air Max BWStash''
16Air Max 180OG''
17Air Max 180Opium''
18Air Max 180Easter Egg''
19Air Max 93OG''
20Air Max 93Powerwall''
21Air Max 93Size? ''
22Air Max 94OG''
23Air Max 94Black Volt''
24Air Max 94Snakeskin''
25Air Max2 LightOG Storm Red''
26Air Max2 LightOG Blue''
27Air Max2 LightLogos'''
28Air Max 95OG Neon Green''
29Air Max 95Stash''
30Air Max 95Varsity Maize''
31Air Max 96OG Scream Green''
32Air Max 96Retro Black/Concord''
33Air Max 96Retro Scream Green''
34Air Max 96 IIOG Mystic Teal''
35Air Max 96 IIRetro Mystic Teal''
36Air Max 96 IIRetro Varsity Maize/Obsidian''
37Air Max 97OG Silver Bullet''
38Air Max 97x TRUE''
39Air Max 97Kashima Antlers''
40Air Max 98OG Gundam''
41Air Max 98x Supreme Snakeskin''
42Air Max 98Cone''
43Air Max 98 TLOG Black Copper''
44Air Max 98 TLOG Hyper Blue''
45Air Max 98 TLOG Photo Blue''
46Air Max PlusOG Hyper Blue''
47Air Max PlusOG Tiger''
48Air Max Plusx Supreme Green/Pink''
49Air Max DeluxePhoto Blue''
50Air Max Deluxex Skepta''
51Air Max DeluxeHabanero Red''
52Air Max 2003OG''
53Air Max 2003Chocolate Brown (PRM)''
54Air Max 2003Black/Topez''
55Air Max 360OG Varsity Royal''
56Air Max 360Air U Breathe''
57Air Max 360Union One Time Only''
58Air Max ZeroOG Air Max Day''
59Air Max ZeroTinker Sketch''
60Air Max ZeroSafari ID''
61Air VaporMaxOreo''
62Air VaporMaxExplorer Dark''
63Air VaporMaxx Off White (White)''
64Air Max 270Racer Blue''
65Air Max 270Hyper Magenta''
66Air Max 270Tiger''
67Air Max 720Sunset''
68Air Max 720Throwback Future''
69Air Max 720Be True''

Parallel refractor versions of each base card are randomly inserted. The odds of pulling a refractor card are 1:4

The Pluses ('Wanted')

There are 11 pluses cards. The odds of pulling a city series card are 1:2

# Card
AM+1Air Max Plus 1
AM+2Air Max Plus 2
AM+3Air Max Plus 3
AM+4Air Max Plus 4
AM+5Air Max Plus 5
AM+6Air Max Plus 6
AM+7Air Max Plus 7
AM+8Air Max Plus 8
AM+9Air Max Plus 9
AM+10Air Max Plus 10
AM+11Air Max Plus' Checklist

Masters (of the Air Max)

There are 12 Masters cards. The odds of pulling a Masters card card are 1:3

# Shoe Colorway
M01Air Max 1 OG (University Red)University Red
M02Air Max 1 OG (Varsity Blue)Varsity Blue
M03Atmos x Nike Air Max 1Animal Pack
M04Parra x Nike Air Max 1Amsterdam F&F
M05Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 BSafari
M06Clot x Nike AIr Max 1 NLKiss of Death
M07Patta x Nike Air Max 1Chlorophyll
M08Air Max 1Beast
M09Kidrobot x Nike Air Max 1Kid Robot
M10Patta x Parra x Nike Air Max 1Cherrywood
M11Nike Air Max 1 Premium SPGrey Safari
M12Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 BViotech

Air Max Attax Cards

There are 9 Air Max Attax cards. The odds of pulling an Air Max Attax card are 1:16.

# Shoe Title
1AM1 Apollo, AM90 SupernovaThe Invasion Begins
2AM720 China Space CapsuleSpaceship Tsunami
3AM90 Mars LandingThe 'Burbs are Burning!
4AM90 Hufquake(HUF)Quake Takes out the Golden Gate!
5AM90 Moon LandingPrize Captive
6AM90 Presidential ExclusiveWashington Takes Control
7AM1 Super TechBurn Those Bugs
8AM90 Mars Landing, AM90 WarhawkWarhawks Land on Mars
9AM90 SupernovaHigh Voltage

TSS Graded Grails Cards

There are 5 TSS Graded Grails cards. The odds of pulling an TSS Graded Grails card are 1:112.

# Shoe Grade
TSSGG.01Air Max 1 'Hufquake'8/10
TSSGG.02Air Max 180 'Livestrong'7.5/10
TSSGG.03Air Max 95 'EU' Jeff Johnson8.5/10
TSSGG.04Air Max 90 'Sertig'8/10
TSSGG.05Air Max 97 'TRUE'?/10

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