The culture

El Capitan

In one memorable project, I was tasked with determining the authenticity of a pair of exceedingly rare 'El Capitan' Jordans. This captivating journey took me across the globe - from the bustling streets of Australia to the depths of the Dark Web, and even to the heart of the Bronx, East Oakland, Las Vegas, and finally, Jordan Brand headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

Throughout this well-documented adventure, I left no stone unturned, leaving no room for doubt. If you ever find yourself in need of determining the legitimacy of a pair of sneakers, I'm just a message away. And if I can't provide the answers you seek, I can certainly connect you with the right experts who can.

The stories

Make it personal

Within the realm of trading cards, I've woven narratives that breathe life into sneaker culture's untold stories. I collaborated with a Kobe PE collector in Beijing to unveil the hidden gems of his collection, sharing them with enthusiasts worldwide through the mesmerizing #824Pack.

I also embarked on a mission to resurrect the spirit of old Skate & Sneaker stores in the heart of New York City, showcasing their legacy in the remarkable #DunkyDunks set. Together with a creative ensemble, we breathed new life into one of the *first* pop culture sneaker card sets, infusing them with a unique sneaker twist - the Air Max Attax.

Our journey continued with a deep dive into the 90s, co-authoring stories with passionate individuals in the space, letting them share their versions of the era through the captivating lens of the sneaker in the #SneakerPreservationSociety. And let's not forget the time we unearthed old High School High classwork from the late 90s, celebrating the profound impact of sneakers on our lives.

The product

The King of Collectibles

While indulging in a Netflix binge session of 'The King of Collectibles,' a show centered around Ken Goldin and Goldin Auctions, something incredible happened. The teasers for episode 4 hinted at the appearance of a well-known NBA memorabilia collector by the name of Jim Taubenfeld. As I watched, something clicked in my memory - I think I know that guy.

I dove into my email archives and uncovered a remarkable connection. A few years ago, I had the privilege of providing Jim with several of my TSS Grail Boxes to house his cherished possessions. As I watched the show and witnessed Jim's prized treasures, it became evident that each one was comfortably nestled within one of my creations.

The right hands

Nike x Division Street x University of Oregon Air Max 1 "Ducks of a Feather"

My sneaker of the year for 2022 was none other than the Nike x Division Street x University of Oregon Air Max 1 "Ducks of a Feather." To me, it symbolized the perfect convergence of old and new tech. The classic Air Max 1 design blended seamlessly with cutting-edge blockchain and NFTs.

Curiously, I found myself consistently drawn to this masterpiece, acquiring multiple pairs at an average price of around $10,000. What's more fascinating is that I unknowingly played a pivotal role in uniting these iconic sneakers with their rightful owners. Numerous individuals sought me out specifically to facilitate deals, making me a part of nearly 10% of the ENTIRE market for these sneakers.