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Master Checklist.

Base Cards

There should be approximately 9 base cards per pack. There are 70 base cards plus 1 checklist.

# Model Colorway Nickname
2Air Lien LoSmoke/Black-Smoke'Air Lien Lo'
4ChoadMidnight Navy/White-Black'Choad'
6Zoom ScreamBlack/Steam/Black'Scream'
8Dunk Low Pro BGrey/Lightning'Alphanumeric Lightning'
9Dunk Low Pro BWhite/Gray'Alphanumeric Lightning'
11Dunk Low Pro SBWhite/Orion Blue-White'Mulder'
12Dunk Low Pro SBSafety Orange/Hyper Blue-White'Supa'
13Dunk Low Pro SBWheat/Twig/Dune'Reese'
14Dunk Low Pro SBObsidian/Light Graphite/Obsidian'Gino'
15Dunk High Pro SBObsidian/Outdoor Green/Paul Brown'Paul Brown'
16Dunk Low Pro SBAnthracite/Black'Chocolate'
17Dunk Low Pro SBPaul Brown/Black'Zoo York'
18Dunk Low Pro SBBlack/Black Cement-Grey'Supreme Black Cement'
19Dunk Low Pro SBWhite/Black Cement/Grey'Supreme White Cement'
20Dunk High Pro SBMaple/Bison-Wheat'Maple'
21Dunk Low Pro SBDark Loden/Black'Dark Loden'
22Dunk Low Pro SBOrange Flash/Black'Orange Flash'
23Dunk Low Pro SBNightshade/Team Red-Shark'Shark'
24Dunk Low Pro SBDenim/Denim'Reese Denim'
25Zoom Air URLGrey/Tan'Zoom Air URL'
27Zoom Air E-CueBlack/Charcoal-Chile Red'Zoom Air E-Cue'
28Zoom Air E-CueMULTIPLE COLORS'Multi'
29Dunk High Pro SBCamper Green/Black-Deep Forest'Hulk'
30Dunk Low Pro SBDark Cinder/Bison-Sport Red'Bison'
31Dunk Low Pro SBBlack/White/Nightshade-Shark'Futura'
32Dunk Low Pro SBBlack/Metallic Gold-Black'Takashi'
33Dunk Low Pro SBClassic Green/Black-White-Red'Heineken'
34Dunk Low Pro SBTrue Red/Black'True Red'
35Dunk Low Pro SBBlack/True Red'Vamps'
36Dunk Low Pro SBRope/Special Cardinal'Paris'
37Dunk High Pro SBWhite/Varsity Red'Supreme Red'
38Dunk High Pro SBWhite/Varsity Blue'Supreme Blue'
39Dunk High Pro SBWhite/College Orange'Supreme Orange'
40Dunk Low Pro SBNavy/Outdoor Green-Light Chocolate'Barf'
41Dunk High Pro SBIron/Sport Royal-White'Iron'
42Dunk Low Pro SBBlack/Black'Ostrich'
43Dunk Low Pro SBBaroque Brown/Hay-Maple'Brown Pack Low'
44Dunk High Pro SBMaple/Hay-Baroque Brown'Brown Pack High'
45Dunk Low Pro SBWhite/Classic Green/Del Sol'Buck'
46Dunk Low Pro SBMuslin/Muslin'Tokyo'
47Dunk Low Pro SBSoft Grey/Magnet'London'
48Dunk Low Pro SBWhite/Medium Yellow-University Blue'Homer'
49Dunk High Pro SBDeep Olive/Ghost'Ghost'
50Dunk High Pro SBWhite/White-El Dorado'FLOM'
51Dunk Low Pro SBJersey Gold/Red Mahogany'Hemp Red'
52Dunk Low Pro SBJersey Gold/Bonsai'Hemp Green'
53Dunk Low Pro SBJersey Gold/Cascade Blue'Hemp Blue'
54Dunk High Pro SBIce Green/Black-Sea Crystal'Sea Crystal'
55Dunk Low Pro SBKhaki/Baroque Brown-Safari'Jedi'
56Dunk Low Pro SBShale/Shale'Carhartt (brown)'
57Dunk Low Pro SBBlack/Black'Carhartt (black)'
58Dunk High Pro SBWheat/Metallic Gold'Lucky'
59Dunk High Pro SBBlack/Black'Unlucky'
60Dunk Low Pro SBPecan/White'Cali'
61Dunk Low Pro SBWhite/College Blue'Medicom 1'
62Dunk Low Pro SBBaroque Brown/Mushroom'Tweed Low'
63Dunk High Pro SBTweed/Baroque Brown'Tweed High'
64Dunk High Pro SBBlack/Black/Red'Iron Maiden'
65Dunk Low Pro SBWhite/Blue/Mean Green/Sport Red'eBay'
66Dunk High ProYellow/Red'Orchard Street Dunk'
67Dunk High ProOrange/Green'Orchard Street Dunk'
68Nike Zoom Air AngusMULTIPLE COLORS'Multi'
69Air Max 90Sail/Sheen-Straw-Medium Brown'DQM 90'
70Zoom Air Delta ForceAegean Blue/Thunderstorm'Zoom Air Delta Force'
UnnumberedChecklist Card'Checklist'

City Series

There are 3 city series cards. The odds of pulling a city series card are 1:124. There are only 10 copies of each city series card in ALL packs.

# Card

Supreme Series

There are 5 Supreme Series cards. The odds of pulling a Supreme Series card card are 1:12. There are approximately 135 copies of each Supreme Series card in ALL packs.

# Shoe Colorway
UnnumberedDunk Low Pro SBBlack/Cement
UnnumberedDunk Low Pro SBWhite/Cement
UnnumberedDunk High Pro SBWhite/Varsity Red
UnnumberedDunk High Pro SBWhite/Varsity Blue
UnnumberedDunk High Pro SBWhite/College Orange

DNA (Drugs N Alcohol) Cards

There are 4 DNA cards. The odds of pulling a DNA card are 1:19. There are approximately 50 copies of each DNA card in ALL packs.

# Shoe Colorway
DNA01Dunk Low Pro SBHemp/Bonsai
DNA02Dunk Low Pro SBHemp/Cascade Blue
DNA03Dunk Low Pro SBHemp/Burgundy
DNA04Dunk Low Pro SBClassic Green (Heineken)

F&F (Friends & Family) Cards

There are 5 F&F cards. The odds of pulling an F&F card are 1:12. There are approximately 60 copies of each F&F card in ALL packs.

# Shoe Nickname
FF01Dunk Low Pro SBAlphanumeric Lightning
FF02Dunk Low Pro SBAlphanumeric White
FF03Dunk High Pro SBFLOM
FF04Dunk High Pro SBIron Maiden
FF05Dunk HighOrchard Street (Customs)

NYC Shops Cards

There are 15 NYC Shops cards. The odds of pulling an NYC Shops card are 1:2. There are approximately 135 copies of each NYC Shops card in ALL packs.

# Shop Shoe
NYC01Supreme NYCNike Zoom Delta Force SB
NYC02ClienteleNike Dunk High SB 'Sea Crystal'
NYC03Dave's Quality MeatsNike Air Max 90 'DQM'
NYC04RivalNike Dunk Low SB 'Buck'
NYC05Reed SpaceNike Air Max 90 'Navigation'
NYC06Nom De GuerreNike Dunk Low Pro B 'Alphanumeric'
NYC07Nike ID (255 Elizabeth)Nike Air Max 90 ID's
NYC09Flight ClubNike Dunk Low SB 'Hemp'
NYC10TransitNike Dunk Low
NYC11G PlazaNike Dunk Low SB 'Carhartts'
NYC12Niketown NYCNike Dunk High 'NERD'
NYC13Training CampNike Dunk Low
NYC14The (other) Chelsea Flea MarketNike Dunk Low Pro B 'Olive'
NYC15James' Shoe ServiceNike Dunk High 'Mulder'

eBay Cards

There are 5 eBay cards. The odds of pulling an eBay card are 1:744. There are approximately 1 copy of each eBay card in ALL packs.

# Section Nickname
Step 1Cut 1The Shoes
Step 2Cut 2The Intial Cut
Step 3Cut 3In Pieces
Step 4Cut 4Destroyed
CompleteCompleteAuction Winner